Invest in the development of skills and knowledge to remain competitive in the marketplace. Training programs are customized to the needs of the organization and align with the developmental needs of early, mid, and late-stage career professionals. Training programs include:
- Generational diversity
- Emotional intelligence
- Unconscious bias
- Leadership development
- Professional development
- Organizational development- team building, communication, innovation, etc.


Consulting services are available to assist organizations with maximizing their bottom line while embracing the ever-changing needs of business environments.
Expertise include:
- Recruitment strategies
- Retention strategies
- Succession planning
- Training and development
- Employee engagement
- Client/customer engagement
- Leadership development
- Business development


One-on-one and small group coaching services are available to maximize individual potential. Utilizing assessments such as the DISC, Motivators, and EQi, individuals are equipped with the tools and insights needed to navigate their professional careers.

Keynote Presentation

Entertain and empower your audience with highly engaging and informative keynote presentations. Topics include: generational diversity, women's leadership, unconscious bias, career development, business acumen, and professional development.

Assessment Tools

A suite of assessment tools with easy-to-understand narrative reports are available to assist individuals and organizations with maximizing potential. Tools can be utilized within training workshops or coaching sessions and include:
- TTI Talent Insights- DISC & Motivators
- MHS EQi-2.0 (emotional intelligence)
- MHS EQi-360 (leadership 360)
- Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) (leadership 360)
- Career Leader (career self-assessment)



“Dr. Furman’s knowledge and expertise has benefitted our organization greatly!”

-Consulting Client-



“I greatly appreciate Dr. Furman’s efforts to assist me with furthering my career. She is changing lives through her guidance, support, and dedication to her clients.” 
-Coaching Client-



“Dr. Furman rocked! Awesome! She nailed the knowledge side, the practical side, and was a phenomenal speaker from a delivery standpoint…engaging, funny, amazing!” 
-Training Participant-




“PHENOMENAL presentation by Melissa Furman! If you have not had the pleasure of listening to her speak, you need to make a point to do so!”
– Conference Attendee-